Monday, June 25, 2012

Telluride Bluegrass Baby, Part 2

Here I sit in gorgeous Telluride, Colorado, where the San Juans have once again won my heart. How lucky am I to get to come here once again?!

Shortly after I gave birth to Cora, John got booked at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival with John Cowan. Aha, so that's what I've been saving those frequent flier miles for! Somehow, magic was at work, and I actually found a 25k mile ticket to Montrose...AND a 25k mile ticket for my mother to fly to Nashville to stay with Jack!

Mommy-cation! The focus of this trip is mommy/daughter time in a beautiful place, with lovely music and wonderful friends (and baby-daddy).

After playing with Frazier & Friends on Sunday
Frazier & Friends set: Andy Thorn, Jake Joliff, Bridget Kearney, John Frazier, Shad Cobb, Jeff Autry, me
My dear friends Cindy & Rick invited me to stay in their guest house, located behind their house in the Town of Telluride. I'm so incredibly grateful for this chance to bond with Cora and listen to music in these spectacular mountains.

My buddy Cindy. We were both waitresses and real estate assistants in Telluride when I lived there, long ago. 
Cora's digs: Cindy's snuggle nest for Cora in the guest house. 
My sweetie enjoying some floor time, after a long day on the plane.

Roughing it, big time: Poser Pit, front row for Alison Krauss set.

Judging Telluride Troubadour Finals at Elks Park...with a mini-judge in tow.

DJ and banjo picker Nina Schnipper Dropcho.

Cora diggin' on the Sam Bush set. So sick!

The Cow and the C-Biscuit, after his set with Cora's papa. 
Festivating baby, amongst real festivarians

Festivating baby, backstage

Photo by Kristin Andreasson. People seem to dig these headphones for babies by Peltor Kids. 
Photo by Kristin Andreasson.

Photo by Kristin Andreasson.

Some highlights: our sunny 5 mile jog along the river trail and through the campground, where we got to see friends; our second row seats (with Cindy & Rick) at the Alison Krauss set; running into Veronica Johnston and seeing her adorable pregnant belly; the fantastic improvisation of Chris Thile during the Hornsby set Saturday night; cookies from Baked in Telluride; dinner with Baby-Daddy, the Fustings, and the Cowan band on Sunday night; dancing with Cora to Sam Bush Band on Saturday night; watching John play fabulous mandolin and sing bass with Cowan on Sunday morning; judging the Telluride Troubadour contest, during which I was blown away by the winner, Reid Waddy, who sounds a bit like Paul Simon; watching Cora's face light up into a smile as festivarians flirted with her; snuggling with Cora for warmth during the late night sets (she would wear her Peltor headphones, snuggle into her sling, and fall into a deep sleep...)

Sunday afternoon, John invited me to join the "John Frazier & Friends" set at the Elks Park Stage. It was great fun to jam onstage with friends old & new: Jeff Autry, Shad Cobb, Bridget Kearney, Andy Thorn, Jake Jolliff, and of course, John Frazier.

John rolled in Saturday night and left Monday morning; I, however, have been granted a full week here in this magical universe.

It's only fair that Cora should receive a private Telluride vacation with Mommy. Jack had the same honor when he was ten weeks old. It seems like a perfect way to anoint my babies into this crazy music family life that they will be leading for the next couple decades. And each evening as the sun faded down-valley, and the bright stars started to pop out of black skies, I was able to hug my rainbow baby and bless her chubby cheeks. Thank you, Cora, for making me your mommy!

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