Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Home from Telluride: baby in a guitar case & the sound of a three year old voice

Thanks for the ride, Cindy! Today I strolled into the Montrose airport and immediately saw the whole crew from our flight to Telluride. Troubadour Michaela Anne and her mom, Jenny, were again on our flight. There were also several Punch Brothers there, along with Kristin Andreassen and other friends.

As usual when I travel with an infant, multitudes of fellow travelers and airport staff were eager to help. People offered to hold the baby, to carry my guitar, and were kindly in spirit. I had to explain, "No, this is me traveling LIGHT! My 3 year old is at home!" Any mother can relate to this experience: when you travel with a tiny baby, the world is the kindest place. Strangers turn into angels in disguise! I'm so grateful! Yet, when you travel with a 2 year old, when you really need help, the general sentiment is, "Mommy, you're on your own with that mess!" My husband puts it well: everyone glares at the woman who has a jelly-smeared wild animal that poops in his/her pants.

The Critt serenading my C-Biscuit
I settled into my seat at the gate, and Critter (Chris Eldridge: Punch Bro) sat down beside me. He asked to play my guitar. Baby Cora wanted a front row seat, so I placed her in my Calton case and propped her up to watch. She grinned in delight at the Critt, who has always been sweet to my babes. He played her his rendition of "Wildwood Flower" while we travelers all gathered round and snapped photos. It was an adorable scene.

Yesterday, I'd hiked up Bear Creek with Cora strapped to my chest. Cindy and her boys were with me for about a mile, and then Cora and I braved it alone. A couple miles up, we ran into Critter and Kristin hiking down. That was a welcome surprise. One nap and a tired mommy later, we made it to the majestic waterfall and fantastic views. Spray from the waterfall spewed onto Cora's face, and she made the "shocked" baby face. A lovely stranger offered to take my photo and held my hand through some rocky hiking. I settled in to nurse Cora while sitting on a boulder and took in the views of Sneffels Highline from afar.
Bear Creek Falls

On our way down, the sun made its own slow journey behind the mountains, and a pink glow took over the red dirt trail. I sang "Drifting Too Far From the Shore" to my sleepy babe, and the rhythm of my footsteps put her back to sleep.

Today, when I strapped Cora in her car seat, the straps were too tight! I realized she hadn't been in a car in a week, and the little fatty has packed on a few (ounces)!

Cora traveled very well today. She's starting to transition into baby mode. On our way to Telluride, she was still an infant. She slept, she looked around, she nursed. Today, she demanded active play time from her mom. I stood her up on my lap, I chatted with her, and I held out my fingers so she could try and grab them. She can now intentionally grab my fingers and hold onto them! She is changing so rapidly. On the plane, I pointed things out to her: the sunset, the tiny trees, the clouds. She seemed to actually care!

The best part of today was walking into Jack's room. In the glow of the Winnie the Pooh nightlight, he popped up and grinned from ear to ear. I held him close as he kissed me. Hearing that 3 year old voice say, "Mommy!" is better than any song I've ever heard.

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