Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Musical Wedding with Cora

Today Cora and I attended the wedding of two bass players: Bryn Davies and Vince Ilagan.

What a pleasure it was to hear Abby sing "At Last" as pregnant Bryn walked through the meadow toward her handsome groom. A helicopter hovered overhead. Abby made flapping motions with her hands to signify windblown hair, and the wedding guests laughed along with her.

We saw musical friends and were able to enjoy and talk to many of them, as Jack was still in Richmond. We hadn't seen Molly Nagel in years, and she was there with Emmette. We also met many new folks.

There was a John Cowan Band rehearsal for his upcoming tour, so John needed to leave Knoxville and drive to Nashville for the day. I was lucky enough to find a hotel that provided a shuttle service for me and Cora. I took Cora for a long walk all over the city of Knoxville, and we had a good time together strolling beneath the Sun Sphere and people-watching. Our shuttle driver was a musician himself, and he was getting ready to go to Bonnaroo. He was passionate about Knoxville, and I enjoyed hearing him talk about his lovely city (and the birthplace of my own father!)

John drove back to Knoxville to pick us up after his rehearsal.

Rayna Gallert, Cora & Rebecca Frazier, Brittany Haas
Bryn has been a good friend to me since I met her in Colorado ten years ago. I'm happy she has found a wonderful husband and baby daddy. It was meaningful to witness their vows and to pray for their future together. May the Lord shine his light, also, on their new baby.

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