Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Milkin' Mama: back to work on my record

Today was my first day back at the studio working on my record since I was pregnant. I had to line up childcare for both kids, unlike the last couple weeks at Tom T. & Dixie Hall's, where I was able to bring baby Cora.

My cousin Shelby came over to stay with Cora all day, while Jack went to his preschool. Miss Rhonda drove Jack to the park after preschool because our session went for an hour after school.

This morning, we got to work with Andy Hall laying down Dobro tracks on "When We Fall." He blew us away, as always. Fraz came in to sing on several tracks, and he sounded fabulous as well. I brought the breast pump to the studio and drove Brent crazy, as the pump was so loud that he couldn't hear the tracks going down. Fraz asked me to stop pumping because of the noise, so whenever Brent hit the talkback button to make a comment, I'd quickly stop the pump. Brent said, "He knows what you're doing!" What else can a mom do, though, when she's a milk cow?

During listen-back with Fraz, Brent started singing along with the breast pump motor's whir. Then he really showed off: "Your pump is somewhere between a six and a flat seven, going to the one." Ah! Fraz actually likes to harmonize with the pump. Hopefully Brent's analysis of the intervals will help with Fraz's harmonizing!

When I got home, Cora had gutted three bottles in several hours and was sound asleep. She seemed happy, and Shelby said they'd had a great day. It felt a little weird to have missed her all day. When Jack saw me, he ran up to me and hugged me and wouldn't let go. I kept thinking, "He's not going to do this when he's ten."

It was wonderful to hear the record with fresh ears. I can't believe some of the musicianship on this record. I'm really proud of what we accomplished, especially since I had an eight pounder squashed up against my diaphragm the whole time. Pretty amazing what the human body can do.

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