Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Today was the last day in the studio with Brent...we spent one hour finishing up a harmony vocal part. I am not really believing it! He said he'll have the mix back to me in a couple weeks.

So yesterday was really the last day, I guess: Cousin Shelby stayed with Cora all day, and Jack had a playdate in the morning because school is out. I spent the day working on final harmony parts and a couple guitar parts. It is SUCH a bigger deal to get to the studio these days, even just for a few hours, because I need to organize childcare for both kids. Not only that, I need to pump every few hours (or go for too long without pumping, which is not a fun sensation)

After I got home from the studio, I immediately started the bedtime process with the kids. I nursed Cora to sleep, and she went down magically at 5:45. I made dinner for myself and Jack, gave him his bath, stories, "noni," our nightly Twinkle Twinkle Little Star rendition, and kisses (through the crib tent, which is how he likes it)

Miss Rhonda arrived, and I left for the Casey Driessen Red Shoe String Jam. It was fairly crowded when I arrived, and I saw everyone in Nash who has something to do with strings; friends and acquaintances such as Brittany Haas, Scott Simontacchi, Todd Phillips, Paul Kramer, Mike Compton, Richard Bailey, Tim O'Brien, etc, and of course Mr. Driessen himself. I asked him about the Fox & Hound II session, and he seemed surprised and amused that I'd made that little discovery, as he'd forgotten about it himself (his own daughter Emmette hasn't seen it). He told me all about recording with Disney producers; he said it was the "quickest" session he'd ever been a part of (ie, he really had to be on his game). There were TV screens in each booth, showing the animation as he played; he was to play orchestrated parts along with the metronome and with the animation. After each take, the Disney people would listen back and watch the animation, put their heads together and accept it or say, "Do it again."  It occurred to me that I'd never considered how much work goes into the music for my son's cartoons. By the way, thanks Disney, for giving my bluegrass friends work.

There was a jam outside: Tim O, Grier, Sam Bush, and some others. I headed out to the car to PUMP (luckily I'd brought my nursing cover, as there was a street light illuminating my milking experience). Back inside, I had a beer and jammed some.

I probably stayed too long. Janice Hall had relieved Miss Rhonda at 9:30 pm, and Janice said to stay as long as we wanted. It must've been 12:30 am when we got home.

The clincher? Jack slept in today til 8:45 am (?!?!). BUT...guess who was up and ready for action at 6 am? Yup. This is a learning process for ol' Mommy here. You can have the toddler sleep in some of the time; you can have the baby sleep in some of the time; but you can't have ALL THE CHILDREN sleep in ALL THE TIME! (And too bad "some of the time" never happens on the same day)

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