Friday, September 28, 2012

IBMA Guitar Workshop

True to mommy fashion, I arrived at this year's IBMA guitar workshop the minute it started: I'd hastily raced with a stroller, guitar, and diaper bag through the Convention Center. I arrived just as guitar legends Jim Hurst, Kenny Smith, and Robert Bowlin were introducing themselves to the crowd.

Shelly Burleson had said she'd happily hold Cora while I was on stage, but I couldn't find her when I arrived. So I tapped a busy-looking Amanda Smith on the shoulder and said, "Can you watch my baby until Shelly gets here?" She agreed, and I hopped on stage (sweating and puffing).

You'd think I'd be nervous to sit next to these guys and play. Heck, I'd been learning their solos years ago. But I think I was just glad that I made it to the show, and I was excited to play. There's nothing like childbearing to make you appreciate a good jam with amazing players (and to get your mind off yourself). Thanks, John Laswell, for asking me to join the jam; and thanks to Jim, Kenny, and Robert for being such inspiring guitarists and people. All three of these men are such creative minds. It was an honor to sit beside them today.

Alas, Cora made it into Shelly's arms, and I found them smiling in the hallway.

Thanks Shelly Burleson, for babysitting my angel! 
me, Jim Hurst, Kenny Smith, Robert Bowlin

Norm Sliter of Blueberry Bluegrass Festival (Alberta, Canada)

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